Supervision for mental health professionals

Having been in the role of supervisor and supervisee for a number of years, I have a good understanding of the challenges and difficulties that arise in the mental health profession and have experienced the value of effective supervision. I have undertaken training in Michael Carroll’s model of supervision and use a framework that is supportive and enquiring. I also offer secondary supervision for psychologists in the registrar program.

Understanding what you hope to achieve in supervision will be our initial focus. The sessions will provide an opportunity for you to reflect on your work – what you’re doing well and areas you’d like to strengthen. My aim is to provide a supportive environment in which you feel safe enough to explore difficulties and challenges, identify areas for development, and recognise and honour achievements.

Depending on your needs, we may also work on cultivating or deepening a mindfulness practice, which can be a profound and nurturing way to experience greater clarity, resilience and authenticity as a clinician.