Corporate Training

Corporate and organisational mindfulness training.

Our team of Brisbane psychologists have experience in conducting mindfulness training for a variety of organisations and can tailor the courses to suit your requirements.

Public and private sector organisations around the world – including Google, Facebook, and various schools and healthcare organisations – are increasingly introducing mindfulness initiatives to their employees.

Here are a few reasons for its popularity:

  • Science – a large amount of research has found that mindfulness helps people be less stressed, more productive and healthier.
  • More awareness – culturally, undertaking practices like yoga or meditation is no longer viewed as strange.
  • We have trouble switching off – mindfulness helps us to stop reacting automatically and teaches us to become more responsive from a calm and present place.
  • Decision-making and creativity – people who practice mindfulness often report greater flexibility and openness to thinking more clearly and creatively, and the ability to make better and more ethical decisions.
  • Kinder cultures – learning mindful speaking and listening improves our sensitivity and communication with each other. This leads to a more caring and supportive culture.

Mindful leadership and mindfulness amongst staff members certainly helps to manage stress, improve productivity and performance, and support work-life balance. Moreover, it can potentially produce radical change within organisations – enhancing creativity and fuelling compassionate action for the wellbeing of all.

This Harvard Business Review article explains how mindfulness changes the brain

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