Alastair’s expertise and passion is working with young people and families using a mind-body approach.

Alastair Wilson, M. Ed (Counselling Psychology) is both a registered Psychologist and Teacher. He has worked as a Psychologist in schools since 1998, and with psychological components of chronic pain conditions since 2010. He has lived experience of overcoming adverse childhood experiences, and the chronic pain of migraines.

His life purpose is to apply his psychology and teaching skills so children, youth and families overcome their difficulties, and achieve meaningful and productive lives. He uses mind-based therapies such as CBT, relaxation, and meditation, to work with the mind-body, and not against it, to facilitate recovery and optimal wellbeing.

Alastair can also assist his clients with anger management, pain management, relationship and parenting concerns, and navigating their lives after a divorce or separation.

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