As an anti-diet dietitian, Nathan’s goal is to help you make peace with your food and body through intuitive eating to stop dieting and start truly living.

Nathan teaches his clients intuitive eating from a non-diet and Health At Every Size (R) scope. That means you will never have your weight scrutinised, be told that foods are off-limits or be made to feel guilty for eating delicious food.

Nathan completed his Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Science and Master of Dietetic Studies in 2017. He has worked in Headspace and various private practices until he realised his love of the non-diet approach and helping people live more fulfilling and healthy lives without the merry-go-round of dieting.

Intuitive eating means that you can enjoy all foods in a balanced manner that still promotes your health. Skills that many learn throughout the intuitive eating process include:

  1. Confidence in their hunger and fullness – knowing when to start and stop
  2. Enjoying food without guilt – move on without the emotional rollercoaster
  3. How to have a sustainable and enjoyable relationship with food and movement
  4. More body confidence – learning how to love yourself and your body
  5. Reject the diet culture – understanding that your weight does not determine your health and how you can pursue health at every size

If you struggle with any of following, get in touch with Nathan today about how his intuitive eating program can be tailored to suit you.

  • Food guilt
  • Poor body-image
  • Binge eating
  • Yo-yo dieting
  • Understanding hunger-cues

If you’re ready reclaim your life from diets, contact Nathan today.


Nathan is available for bookings on Saturdays. To book an appointment or make an enquiry, please email him directly:

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