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ADHD Assessments

ADHD is a common neurodevelopmental disorder that affects about 4-5% of adults.

Almost everyone, at some point in their life, experiences symptoms of inattention, difficulty concentrating, difficulty completing work and poor impulse control. ADHD, however, is diagnosed when symptoms are severe enough to significantly affect daily functioning in at least two settings — for example, at work and at home.

Experienced psychologists at Mindful Psychology offer ADHD assessments for individuals 16 years and over, either in person at our Woolloongabba clinic or via Telehealth.

What are the potential signs of ADHD?

  • Struggling to maintain focus or sustain attention
  • Difficulties organising and prioritising tasks
  • Frequently losing or misplacing things, forgetfulness
  • Having trouble following through with commitments
  • Impulsivity in decision-making or engaging in impulsive behaviours
  • Restlessness or hyperactivity
  • Time management and organisation difficulties, like having trouble estimating the time required for a task
  • Difficulties with emotional regulation, leading to mood swings, irritability or impatience
  • Difficulties with communication, such as active listening, and struggling to maintain focus during conversations
  • Feelings of overwhelm in social situations

Additionally, people with ADHD may be prone to experiencing other mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression, particularly due to the challenges they face in various areas of life, with work, relationships or self-esteem.

Is it necessary to have been diagnosed with ADHD as a child?

Someone does not have to have a diagnosis of ADHD as a child to have it as an adult, but several persistent and disruptive inattentive or hyperactive-impulsive symptoms need to have been present before the age of 12 for a formal diagnosis. It is also a myth that individuals with a diagnosis of ADHD will ‘outgrow’ the diagnosis. Often the symptoms of ADHD change over time from childhood to adulthood. For example, hyperactivity is more typically seen in children with ADHD. Adults, however, may experience restlessness, impulsivity, and distractibility.

What are the benefits of being assessed for ADHD?

Obtaining an ADHD diagnosis as an adult can help individuals recognise their ADHD-related symptoms and develop strategies and coping mechanisms to manage their symptoms and improve their overall quality of life. It can also help family and social networks to understand the nature of ADHD, its impact on their loved one’s life and appropriate ways to provide support.

Please note completing the adult ADHD assessment package does not guarantee an ADHD diagnosis, but it will help to make sense of the symptoms you’re experiencing.

The most important benefit of an assessment for ADHD is to gain a greater understanding of one’s self. Following the diagnostic process, many people learn that certain problems that they have always experienced can actually be managed and/or treated. It’s important to note that ADHD is a highly individualised condition, and is experienced differently across all individuals. Additionally, individuals with ADHD often possess unquestionable strengths, such as creativity, high energy, or the ability to think outside the box. That is why it is beneficial to have a comprehensive assessment that contains all the necessary and important steps to explore and understand your condition.

Do I need a referral?

You do not need a referral to attend ADHD assessment appointments – you can contact us to make an appointment directly if you wish. However, if you are eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) from your GP this will entitle you to a Medicare rebate on some of the sessions you will need to attend for testing. Please be advised our practice does not bulk bill.


What is the process for an ADHD assessment?

The ADHD assessment process at Mindful Psychology will involve attendance of at least 2 one-hour appointments with one of our trained psychologists. Further appointments may be required and will be discussed with you during your appointment.  During the assessment sessions, your practitioner will explore your ADHD symptoms, their severity and the impact on your life both now and in the past through clinical interviews and standardised psychological testing. Your partner and/or significant person is also encouraged to attend part of this assessment as they can provide very useful information about the way in which your life is being impacted by your symptoms, from their perspective. Family history of ADHD and other mental health conditions will also be discussed.

Diagnosis and feedback

Following a diagnosis of ADHD, you will be invited to attend a feedback session to discuss the outcome of the assessment and the individual recommendations. The alignment of your presentation with diagnostic criteria will be used to assess the severity of symptoms and to determine the type of ADHD – predominantly inattentive type, predominantly hyperactive or combined.

Those wanting to consider ADHD medication will need to see a paediatrician or psychiatrist. You can discuss this process with your psychologist.

Will I receive a report?

Following the assessment session, if your psychologist determined that criteria for an ADHD diagnosis were met, report options will be discussed with you. Clients can request a brief letter, a summary report, or a more lengthy and detailed report. The benefits and fees for each of these will be outlined.

Is ongoing support or therapy an option?

Mindful Psychology clinicians can provide continued support in the form of regular psychology sessions to discuss strategies and coping mechanisms for daily life and in the workplace. You may also decide that further therapeutic support will be beneficial, for example to resolve past trauma and if so, we will be happy to provide this; your options will be discussed with you.


What is the difference between seeing a psychiatrist and a psychologist for an ADHD assessment?

Whilst psychologists provide a comprehensive assessment and formal diagnosis, we cannot prescribe medication. Psychiatrists typically require their patients to have received a formal diagnosis in order to prescribe ADHD medication. Therefore, the easiest path is usually to see a psychologist for assessment/diagnosis, and a psychiatrist for medication or a medication review.

Choosing a psychologist for an assessment of ADHD can also have the following benefits:

  • Our psychologists will conduct all the assessments in a client-centred, trauma sensitive and informed manner, making sure you feel respected, listened to and understood
  • Wait times to see one our psychologists for an assessment are generally less than one month
  • You’ll gain a thorough understanding of ADHD symptoms, severity, and the impacts
  • A psychologist will help you to identify your personal strengths and weaknesses
  • A psychologist will formulate a holistic, individualised treatment plan to improve your functioning and quality of life
  • Further support, resources and referrals will be recommended if needed

Practice Location

Book a session to see our Brisbane psychologists today. We are located at 5/6 Qualtrough Street, Woolloongabba. Designated parking is available onsite. A variety of public transport options are available nearby – see www.translink.com.au. Counselling can also be provided via Telehealth counselling (video) or phone if this is your preferred option.

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