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NDIS Counselling

Our skilled and dedicated clinicians offer a caring, compassionate and professional approach for NDIS participants (adults and children) seeking support for psychosocial disabilities.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a government-funded programme in Australia designed to provide essential support and services to individuals with various disabilities. Through the NDIS, individuals can access resources that enable them to lead happier, more fulfilling lives. A crucial aspect of this support comes from the field of psychology, which plays a significant role in empowering individuals with disabilities to overcome challenges and achieve personal growth.

How can psychology be beneficial under the NDIS?

Psychology offers a range of benefits for adults and children with disabilities. Here are some ways that psychological support can be valuable:

  • Strengthening Mental Resilience: Psychological support equips individuals with disabilities with coping strategies and new skills to manage stress, adversity, and emotional challenges. By building emotional resilience, participants can develop the inner strength needed to face life’s hurdles with courage.
  • Building Self-Esteem and Confidence: Through counselling and therapy, individuals can work on building their self-esteem and confidence. This enhanced self-belief paves the way for greater self-assurance and personal growth.
  • Fostering Healthy Relationships: Psychology helps individuals improve their social skills and communication, allowing them to form meaningful relationships and foster social inclusion within their communities.
  • Navigating Emotional Challenges: Living with a disability can be emotionally challenging, and psychological support provides a safe and understanding space for individuals to process their emotions. This helps them develop effective coping mechanisms to handle emotions like grief, frustration, or anxiety.
  • Setting and Achieving Goals: With the guidance of psychology, individuals can set realistic and achievable goals for themselves. By addressing psychological barriers and self-limiting beliefs, they gain the motivation and confidence to pursue their aspirations.
  • A Safe Space for Expression: Psychological support offers a non-judgmental environment where individuals can freely express their thoughts and emotions. This nurturing space allows for emotional healing and personal development.

The NDIS provides a beacon of support for individuals with disabilities, providing them with the resources they need to lead fulfilling lives. Within the framework of the NDIS, psychological support plays a vital role in fostering mental resilience, building self-esteem, and empowering individuals to navigate life’s challenges. By addressing emotional barriers and offering a safe space for expression, psychological support becomes a crucial tool in the pursuit of well-being and personal growth. Through the combined efforts of the NDIS and psychology, individuals with disabilities can thrive and begin, or continue, to lead meaningful lives.

How can our counsellors help?

At Mindful Psychology, we focus on helping to improve the functional ability and long term recovery of people with psychosocial disabilities. We work closely and respectfully with them towards increased independence so they can enjoy engaging in life in the way that is most enjoyable and meaningful to them.

Many of our therapists at Mindful Psychology have a particular interest and expertise in supporting people who are NDIS participants or their families or carers. Our counsellors draw from a range of techniques, which include:

We welcome hearing from you either via the website, a phone call, or an email so that we can provide the support that is needed to heal and flourish.

Practice Location

Book a session to see our Brisbane psychologists today. We are located at 5/6 Qualtrough Street, Woolloongabba. Designated parking is available onsite. A variety of public transport options are available nearby – see www.translink.com.au. Counselling can also be provided via Telehealth counselling (video) or phone if this is your preferred option.

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Telehealth psychologists - Telehealth counselling by Mindful Psychology Clinic

Telehealth / Online Psychologists & Counsellors

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