Change for the better: learn the life skills you need to be a better version of you, before you really need them!

Learning to change when you ‘have to’ is much harder than changing because you ‘want to’. Patrea would like to see more people being proactive about making changes to better their lives, to get them on the front foot, rather than being reactive to the challenges that inevitably present themselves. Patrea works with her clients to understand and develop the mindset that leads them to achieving their goals with less effort, stress, and procrastination.

Patrea is an attentive listener and deeply cares for and wants the best for her clients.

As a registered psychologist (and a registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist), Patrea has worked with clients to achieve their goals, be it to develop healthier lifestyle habits, change jobs, develop in one’s career, be more assertive, develop healthier thinking (and doing) habits, break out of unhelpful patterns of stress, anxiety, or depression, or to become World Champion. Earlier in her career, Patrea worked for over a decade in corporate change management working for two of the world’s top consulting firms, and has worked across four continents.

Patrea’s way of working is heavily influenced by Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, and the psychology of goal achievement for high performance from sport and the corporate world.

Patrea enjoys keeping fit, loves travelling, photography, and surfing (a hobby taken up in recent years).

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