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Our practitioners have particular areas of expertise and interests and a proven track record.

They value warmth, friendliness, and a calm, compassionate approach tailored specifically to your requirements. Call us to book, to ask any questions about our service, or for assistance to choose the best person for you.

Kali Lohman's Profile Image

Kali Lohman

Psychologist | Director

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Alex Suppini

Clinical Psychologist

Bharti Gitay

Specialist Counsellor

David Pham


Di Gibson

Individual and Couples Counsellor

Marco Korn

Clinical Psychologist

Monica Eriksson

Registered Psychologist

Patrea O'Donoghue's Profile Image

Patrea O’Donoghue

General & Sports/Exercise Psychologist

Paulina Jakacka


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Renae Jarrett

Registered Psychologist

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Victoria Kalmykova

Clinical Psychologist/Manager

Jazmine Casey


Mai Mendelson


Samantha O’Brien

Practice Manager

Teya D’Souza