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I’m passionate about my university studies because my degrees combine my deep interest in human neuroscience, and how the physical body integrates with our mind to influence how we think, feel, and behave.

I study a Bachelor of Behavioural Science alongside a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at the University of Queensland. Having a deep interest in humans has allowed me to appreciate our unifying commonalities as a species, and equally, the unique traits and quirks that each one of us possesses.

My unusual name (pronounced ‘my’) may raise a few eyebrows. I feel proud of my mixed cultural background and multilingualism (I speak English, Hebrew, and Spanish). I lived in Spain as an Au Pair for 12 months, through which I gained an appreciation for exploring new places, and different cultural norms – two things I endeavour to continue learning about. My other hobbies include yoga, life drawing, cooking, and mindfulness meditation. I also love to thrift, so you are likely to run into me at local op-shops.

I promise to make you feel welcome at our clinic, and I hope to meet you very soon.


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